8 Reasons Why Rabbits Make GREAT Pets!

Posted by Leslie Hasty on

Rabbits can often be overlooked when people are choosing to add a new addition to the family. We have compiled a list of 8 reasons why they make great pets and could be the perfect choice for you! 

  1. Rabbits are great pets for people who live in the city. Maybe you rent an apartment that doesn't allow dogs or noisy pets. Well, a rabbit could be the animal for you. They will love being able to roam around your apartment while you are home and when you are away, simply pop them into a safe puppy pen or rabbit hutch. Just remember to keep all chewable items out of reach, just as you would with a puppy.

  1. Rabbits have long life spans. Did you know that rabbits actually live up to 12 years? If you look after your furry friend with a good diet and care, you are likely to have many fun years together.

  1. Rabbits are a great option for people who don't have the time to take pets out on walks or someone who has mobility issues. The reality of owning a dog is that they can sometimes need to be walked twice per day, whereas rabbits can get all their energy out with you at home.

  1. Rabbits can be house trained. This may come as a surprise, but like cats, rabbits can easily be taught to use a litter box. They are also smart enough to be taught how to do tricks and even obstacle courses! To train your rabbit, use a high-value treat just for training and focus on positive reinforcement. 

  1. Rabbits have big personalities. If you haven't owned a rabbit before, it may come as a surprise that they all have unique personalities. Some bunnies are more rambunctious, some are more reserved. This means you can find the perfect rabbit for you! 

  1. Rabbits form close bonds with their owners. They will learn to recognize your voice, who you are, and may even come hopping over when they spot you. 

  1. There are thousands of rabbits looking for homes and they are very easy to rescue. Hop onto Google and search for your local animal shelter and give them a call.   They may have house rabbits in need of homes or they'll be able to point you in the direction of another organization that does. 

  1. And the final reason as to why rabbits make great pets is... they are just so adorable! That cute. squinchy bunny nose, those soft, loving eyes, and those ears!  But, beware - house rabbits are like potato chips - it's SO hard to have just one…