Bunny Leggings

Are you the one who ends up on the floor with the house rabbits while everyone else is chatting over drinks?  These leggings were made for YOU!  Anytime you need to cheer up you can slip into these happy bunny leggings  to brighten up your life and motivate you to get out and get moving.

We design these to attract attention and make you smile, and make everyone smile who sees them.  Show off your one-of-a-kind personality by wearing these unique original leggings designed just for bunny lovers and brighten up the whole world a little bit at a time!

House bunnies are the coolest roomies - quiet, sweet, and always happy to bounce around you and put a smile on your face!  All you have to do is keep the litter box fresh, fill up the food and water dishes, brush them and occasionally bring home some treats.  What more could you possibly ask for in a roommate?  

House rabbit lovers everywhere know how wonderful it is to come home to a fluffy friendly face, and getting down on the floor with that fuzzy buddy can make even the worst day fade away.

Having a bunny in your home is so comforting, and your house bunny asks so little of you!  Remind yourself daily to stop and pet the bunnies, because all we really have is today anyway, right?