Advice From Your Rabbit - Kids Bunny Tee

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You'll LOVE seeing that big smile when you pull this bunny lovers tee out of the closet in the morning!  The bright, attention-grabbing colors will work for your child and they'll enjoy keeping this fun tshirt on!

It can be a real challenge to get your child excited about putting clothes on some days, but the brighter the colors and the more fun the design, the easier time you'll have getting them ready for the day.  Whether they're heading for the sitters' house, school, soccer practice or a play date in the park, this fun bunny lovers' tshirt will pull a smile out of the grumpiest child. 

Your friends will ask where you found this fun design, and you can enjoy telling them that they won't find anything like this at the local mall, or even a high-end gift shop.  These fun designs by The Cozy Hare are original and one-of-a-kind, and we aim to put a grin on your face in the morning and keep it there all day.  And THIS bunny doesn’t have to have a pen, a litter box, water bottle or hay!

Most kids are entranced by the gentle and quiet nature of rabbits, and they’ll quickly recognize the good advice in this large print and these bright colors.  You could even have a Mom & child matching tshirt day!  And everyone will enjoy seeing your little ones’ happy face above this bright and cheerful rabbit lovers tee.

House rabbits are especially suited to apartment living, even the largest ones!  They’re not EVER noisy like a dog might be, don’t smell up the house the way a cat might, and they’re pretty much always in the mood for a hop around the house!  While we always recommend supervised play time with your child and your rabbits, it won’t be a chore if you’re wearing your matching bunny lovers tshirts, watching them play together.  Your child can learn an amazing amount just by being around a pet, and psychologists confirm that kids who grow up with a pet in the house learn empathy much more quickly than kids who don’t.

Even if you don’t intend to get a house rabbit, you can still enjoy the whole bunny lifestyle with these fun tees for kids who love rabbits, no matter their age.  So jump on over and hop on this deal today!!

These bunny tee shirts are made in the USA and are super comfy and long-lasting, so your child will get to wear it again and again.  You'll surprise your friends with the fun bunny graphics and thoughtful sayings, and you'll smile every time you look in the mirror.

 100% ringspun cotton (fiber content may vary for different colors)

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