I'd Rather Be Home With My Bunny - Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

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Carry a bunny tote bag that's obviously as special as you are, and light up a smile every time you look at this fun bunny bag showing everyone what YOU really think is the best place to be!  Your friends will be amused at this original design that makes it very clear what's important in YOUR life.

If you're a girl whowould rather be home with your bunnies, this fun tote bag will showcase your main interest in life and you'll smile every time you grab it to go to the grocery store!  Your friends will be impressed that this unique design can't be found in a mall or even a high-end gift shop, and that it suits YOU to a T!  These one-of-a-kind designs are JUST for house rabbit lovers to show the world where your interests lie and we aim to get a smile or a laugh every time.

Guaranteed to be a hit with your bff who's a rabbit lover, or your kids who want bunnies everywhere, grab one of these organic cotton tote bags today to liven up your trip to the grocery, knowing that you're helping to save the planet one plastic bag at a time!

Your house bunny is super special, whether you've got a Flemish Giant, a smooth Havana, a curly Devon Rex or a tiny Mini-Lop.  They cheer you up every day with their rabbitty antics and earn their keep in entertainment value, so why not show everyone how important YOUR house rabbit is to you?

House rabbits have been a thing for quite a while, but have become a lot more common in the last 10 years.  And why not?  What else could you ask for in a roommate?  They're generally clean, quiet, and always ready to bounce around and kiss your face when you're down on the floor with them!  SO, yeah, you have to clean up after them, but at least you don't ever have to worry about sending them to college!  And, they're always happy to see you come home from school or work, but you don't have the mess and smell of a dog or cat. 

Yes, here at The Cozy Hare we believe that every house bunny is super special and should be celebrated as the best pet ever, so grab a tote bag today and show the world your unique take on the wild world of house rabbits!

Designed with nature-approved materials, these personalized Econscious EC8040 canvas tote bags come with a 100% certified-organic cotton body and web handles. The open main compartment adds daily function with its easy-access, while the Econscious tag on the handle base is a discreet nod to this personalized tote bag being a green choice.

100% Certified Organic Cotton